Part 1. Initialize Dash Apps on Dash Enterprise

This documentation is for Dash Enterprise,
Plotly’s commercial platform for managing and improving
Dash applications in your organization.
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This is the 1st deployment chapter of the Dash Enterprise Documentation.
The next chapter covers deploying a Dash App on Dash Enterprise.

Before creating or deploying a dash app locally, you need to initialize
an app on Dash Enterprise.

This can be achieved by visiting the Dash App Manager at

  1. Navigate to the Dash Enterprise App Manager at


  1. In the top right-hand corner, select Create App. The
    ‘Create Dash App’ modal should appear. Here, name your dash app
    (app names must start with a lowercase letter and may
    contain only lowercase letters, numbers, and -) and then
    hit Create. It is important to keep in mind that this name is going
    to be part of the URL for your application.
Initialize App


  1. After you have created the app, the app overview page will open with
    deployment instructions.
List of Apps


  1. Now, select the dash app to access the app overview.
Dash App Overview


If you have successfully initialized an app, advance to
If you have encountered any issues, see
for help.