Dash App Logs

This documentation is for Dash Enterprise,
Plotly’s commercial platform for managing and improving
Dash applications in your organization.
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Dash apps create a log of usage data as well as any print statements
called from your app. These logs can be accessed via the Dash Enterprise UI or from the
command line. Note that they will be cleared each time you re-deploy
your app.

Dash App Logs (via UI)

If you have successfully deployed a Dash App to the Dash Enterprise,
you can view the app’s logs via the Dash Enterprise UI.
From your list of apps, open the app and then select Logs. This will
display the most recent 500 log entries for your app. For the complete list,
use the command line method outlined below.

App Logs

Dash App Logs (via Command Line)

Alternatively, the above can be accomplished via the command line.
To view the logs for a specific Dash App run the following command
in your terminal:

$ ssh dokku@<your-dash-domain> logs <your-app-name> --num -1


This will work for any application that you own. This command
authenticates with the server with ssh.
Configure SSH Authentication.


- --num, -n: The number of lines to display. By default, 100
lines are displayed.
Set to -1 to display all of the logs. Note that we only store logs
from the latest app deploy.
- --tail, -t: Continuously stream the logs.
- --quiet, -q: Display the raw logs without colors, times, and names.