Dash App Portal

This documentation is for Dash Enterprise,
Plotly’s commercial platform for managing and improving
Dash applications in your organization.
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Located at https://your-dash-enterprise-server/Portal,
the Dash App Portal is the front page for your Dash Enterprise platform.
It allows multiple users to prominently display their selected apps in
one central location.

The portal and apps have a default style which can
be customized.


Default Dash App Portal

Dash Apps on the Portal

In order for your app to appear on the Dash App Portal, you need
enable the Show in Portal Toggle in your app’s settings from
within the Dash Enterprise app manager and then edit your app’s metadata to
make it easier to find/customize its appearance.

Note that only users with access to your app will be able
to see it in the portal. For more information about setting app privacy
see Dash App Privacy.


Dash App Portal Settings


Customize the Portal

From the Dash Enterprise app Manager, access the Portal tab
to see its settings (or go to /Manager/settings/portal/general).


Customized Portal


Here, you can decide who can view the portal and customize
its appearance.


Customized Portal