Create a Staging Dash App

This documentation is for Dash Enterprise,
Plotly’s commercial platform for managing and improving
Dash applications in your organization.
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Once you have deployed your application, your end-users will expect that
it is stable and ready for consumption. So, what do you do if you want to
test out or share some changes on the server? We recommend creating
separate applications: one for “production” consumption and another one
for testing. You will share the URL of the “production” app to your
end-users and you will use your “testing” app to try out different changes
before you send them to your production app. With Dash Enterprise,
creating a separate testing app is easy:

Initialize a New Dash App

Initialize a new app in the
Dash Enterprise UI. We recommend giving it the same name as your
other app but appending -stage to it (e.g. analytics-stage).

Configure a New Git Remote

Add a new remote that points to this URL. In this example,
we’ll name the remote “stage”:

$ git add remote stage <a href="https://your-dash-enterprise/GIT/your-dash-app-name-stage">https://your-dash-enterprise/GIT/your-dash-app-name-stage</a>

Deploy Changes to Your Staging App

Now, you can deploy your changes to this app just like you would
with your other app. Instead of $ git push plotly master, you’ll deploy
to your staging app with:

$ git push stage master